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21st century digital girl

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Just my usual mad-busy manic summer entry. [Jun. 28th, 2009|04:20 pm]
21st century digital girl
 Things are happening! I got engaged, earned a raise, won a home made ice cream contest, and leveled up my charachter in D&D. I'm growing chives, cherry tomatoes, garlic, and some sort of spicy pepper on my front porch, as well as some flowers, cacti, and baby birds. I'm listening to lots of new music and reading more books. People who are not as freaky cheerful as I at the moment, feel free to smack me if I get too annoying.
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All my friends are murder. [May. 11th, 2009|04:30 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |The Distillers-Drain the Blood]

I'm stuck on a loop today. my brain is trying to come to some sort of realization and it just keeps going over the same few things over and over. Have you ever experienced something like that? It's like reading a really complicated comic book or analyzing a dream you've had. You're trying to figure out what all the symbolism means, but it's everywhere, in the pictures, in the background music, in the words characters are saying, in the titles of the chapters...the references are references. Everything seems significant. It's just too many layers today and I'm sort of overloaded. I'm trying to sort of blank out and reset, but it's not working.

A girl I knew in highschool who has become sort of a personal meme in my mind friended me on facebook today. I emailed the only other person I can think of who knew her to tell him and he wrote me back claiming I'd made a freudian typo. "I noticed my inbox said one and thought it was you, bust instead it was facebook!" That was unintentional and not terribly funny, but true. It took me a full two or three minutes to spot it. I wrote him back: "Bwahhaha that's fatastic."  This was also a total accident I was unable to see until he wrote me back. Holy mother of psychology, Batman! I suppose I should friend her back though? People don't NOT friend people they ever once knew in facebook unless they're trying to make some horrible dramatic point, right? I don't have anything in particular against her, she's just sort of (insert adjectives you'd use to describe a truckstop gas station/porn store here?) Wait, what am I talking about? There's nothing wrong with being busty or sort of a dirty old lady. She's living the life, man. That's punk-rock. We are SO superficial facebook friends.
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Warning, Danger, Alert your loved ones! [May. 5th, 2009|04:00 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Not Tinted Windows, thank gods.]

Okay, I knew James Iha was in a new band. Maybe with the drummer from Cheap Trick, even... but I hadn't heard that Taylor Hanson was involved somehow. Forgive me if this is old news, because I just heard about it again in the form of a banner ad. What the hell? This band sounds like throwing a pineapple, a porcupine, and some peppermints in a blender and calling it tasty because everything is "similar." Who gave them the money to do this? What were they thinking? Certainly nothing musical...

But let's not jump to any pop-prejudiced conclusions, let's look at the website:
"James, Adam and Taylor started kicking around the idea of writing and recording some songs that would set Taylor's unmistakable voice against some loud guitars. They also talked about fusing the sounds of power-pop, rock and New Wave of the late 70's and early 80's, which they all loved, with the more modern rock and pop sounds of their own groups." ... "The result is a stripped-down, high-energy record that combines the strengths and identifiable styles of all four members, and yet doesn't really sound like anything else any of the four has done elsewhere. And with three of the four band members contributing songs, there is a real band vibe in the diversity of the material. They have shot videos for two songs on the album already, with plans to do more in the coming weeks."

*emphasis mine

So they aren't a real band, they're a machine built to spew out everything your radio could possibly play that's not "ethnic." I just listened to thier single on myspace and it's full of woah-ohs and girls. It's like watching high fructose corn syrup ads in place of a TV show. This stuff will rot your insides, and possibly give you mercury poisoning. Please be careful. You don't need it and you won't miss it.
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What in tarnation? [Mar. 23rd, 2009|06:12 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Super Rifle- Gogol Bordello]

The library here has a nice little internet feature that tracks everything you do online, and lets you search the catalogs and renew your books and nifty stuff. It also keeps statistics about what you read, and what other people read and so on, which is all kinds of neat. The "hottest author" is James Patterson, the "hottest subject" is audiobooks and everybody seems to be reading The thief and the dogs, says the front page. Pretty normal. My favorites? Here are the top two:
Rapists-fiction and Artists-Crimes against-fiction. Also present in my bigger list: Serial killers, psychopaths, demonology, and crimes against women. What the hell have I been reading? I cannot believe my reading list is that violent!
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Steady your trembling hand, that's what you do. [Mar. 10th, 2009|12:30 am]
21st century digital girl
[music |If You See Natalie- Eels]

I am not OK.
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I have been to the library again. It's all I have to talk about, really. [Mar. 9th, 2009|11:52 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Dust Me Off- Tilly and the Wall]

Someone on the back of this copy of American Psycho compares the author, Bret Easton Ellis, to Jane Austin. The moment that thought hit my brain I bawked a little. I can see what she's saying though. I know how people feel about Ms. Austin. All the letter sending, the endless dissecting of a careless comment, or a wayward glance that happened scenes (months!) ago when there was at least some forward moving action and not just sitting inside the brain of a young girl suffering her young girl troubles. I don't mind keeping these ladies company. In fact, I adore it.

But this book? I've seen the movie. I know what is coming as sure as Mr. Darcy any page now. But I do not like being in Patrick Batemen's head at all. Moving from engagement to engagement with him, endlessly analyzing the brands of clothing and belongings of every person in the room, sometimes twice, coming up for a bit of totally inane conversation both he and I don't even want to be having with some asshole. No amount of bloodshed is going to cure this restless tedium for either of us. We're 80 pages in and this is the first time I've even seen the word blood. We're not even close to cracking up yet. I'm not even sure I can go on. I wanted to read the Rules of Atrraction or Less than Zero, not this. But I think the library hates me. And I think I hate this book. I think that's supposed to be the point, though. The whole thing's pointless. I can finish it, or not, it won't change a thing.

What are you guys reading? Anything good?
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We need to talk. [Mar. 3rd, 2009|09:50 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Belle& Sebastian- The Wrong Girl]

Seriously, so what if I'm still unemployed and not getting any call-backs except for rejection e-mails? Spring is in the air. I can see buds swelling on the trees. There's a thriller dance party this weekend with skittle-tinis. Totally Michael is playing in birmingham soon, and Venture Brothers season three comes out on DVD soon. I walked to the local coffee roasters today and got some delicious stuff. I baked cookies. I updated my reading list.

But I'd still like to have a job. I want to buy things. I've been trying to apply to several jobs a week. What's interesting is the online applications. This one I'm filling out now is to be an administrative assistant at some bio-tech company. They want me to have graduated high school, and be able to type. I fill in the little boxes, and upload my resume like normal, and then I come to the next page....where I can "attach up to 5 additional documents to your job application for further consideration." Furthermore, "The following files are accepted for upload: Microsoft Word .doc - .docx, RTF, TXT, ZIP, Adobe PDF, JPEG, Bit Map, GIF, AVI and MP3."

Okay I realize that mostly they will be receiving applications through this page to become a science grunt. These people will have written papers in college. They will have generated graphs and data and such. They might want to show this stuff off. Yes, indeed. However, I'm pretty frustrated with this job hunt. I've also been reading a lot of overqualified. All I can think when I see these empty upload slots, (other than "cover letter goes here?") is horrible things. A JPEG of me with a big plate of cookies, giving a thumbs-up, with the caption "You could be having these at every office-party if you choose me!" An MP3 of "Step Into my Office, Baby." by Belle and Sebastian... it goes on and on.
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Time for breakfast! [Feb. 12th, 2009|12:36 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Super Rifle-Gogol Bordello]

Ahhaha! Just googled "naked tortilla chips." I totally meant "baked."
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Vampires will always hurt you. [Feb. 5th, 2009|10:16 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Totally Michael- In Her Diary]

Let me tell you a story. Brent has been talking about making tee shirts all day. When we get home from office party, we are talking and he takes off his sweater. His under-shirt says "WILL YOU?" in big black block letters. I have never seen it before, it looks new. I'm like, "Will I what?" because he has stopped talking and is staring at me, staring at his chest. He looks down and says "Oh, that." and turns around...

...The back of the shirt says "GIVE BLOOD?" and then has the red cross logo underneath it. Him: "Yeah they gave me a new shirt today!" Me: "Uh, oh cool, that's really...nice of them." Him: "What did you think I was proposing to you or something? Oh my god, hahahahaha I totally should have thought of that! What a great joke!!!"

Fuck the red cross.
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We were sick, now we're better. There's work to be done. [Jan. 27th, 2009|07:42 pm]
21st century digital girl
[music |Art Brut-Late Sunday Evening]

Just read Crooked Little Vein by Warren Ellis. I loved it so much, I think there is probably something wrong with me.
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