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You wouldn't recognize me anymore.

a softer world, all-girl summer fun band, allen ginsberg, animal crossing, being an equal opportunist, being left alone, being shy, benevolent fascism, blue monday, brand new crayons, buster keaton, capibaras, cats named spike, cherry lips, chop sticks, cinnamon toast crunch, clandestine insurgent rebel clowns, college radio, comic book stores, couples with alternative lifestyles, cowboy boot roller skates, cyberpunk, dandelions, doctor who, ee cummings, ferrets, film noir, fortune cookies, freckles, glasses, glow-in-the-dark ceeling stars, ignoring the obvious, incredible moments of unity, ink, jones soda, kepi ghoulie, keyboard wizards, kill your boyfriend, kissing under an umbrella, knitting, lime flavored anything, luxeed keyboards, mad science, mc frontalot, milkshakes and frozen treats, mix tapes, moments of extreme clarity, my ferret, my left hand, nabaztag, new book smell, nikola tesla, origami butterflies, pablo neruda, paint on my hands, penny arcade, pink tissue roses, pocky, poetry, polka dots, ramen noodles, real physical mail, sean connery's james bond, semi pretentious music lovers, silent night deadly night, sisters of perpetual indulgence, ska, skittles, slushies, small bits of wire, sporks, storms, surfboards as coffee tables, tank girl, the anti-hero, the cure, the exploding hearts, the groovie ghoulies, the idea of soulmates, the office, the unicorns, tricked-out gameboys, tube socks, venture bros., vespas, vicious red toenails, video games, vintage, warren ellis, when you talk nerdy, xpiratecorex, zune